One-Off House


Client:  Private

Contract: TBC

Role:  Architect, RIBA Work Stages 0-7


A new replacement dwelling in Warwickshire. Planning permission was granted in mid 2018, and the project was completed in early 2021.


The existing house has some architectural merit but fails to respond to the family’s needs. The existing dwelling was disconnected from the living, kitchen and bedroom spaces which makes for torturous circulation and a lack of connection with the garden.  After full evaluation, it has proved to be too expensive to adapt and repair the existing house.

Our client, wanted to create a warm and open family home that maximises the site’s potential and forms a meaningful connection to the garden.

The lower ground floor contains, entrance, open plan kitchen, living, family rooms and ancillary spaces.The views are orientated south and designed with an intimate terrace that enjoys panoramic views which connect seamlessly to the outdoor of the private walled garden. The upper floor comprises the children’s, guests bedrooms and master bedroom suite.


It was vital that we chose materials that were suitably robust, and that would weather gracefully without the need for maintenance. Thus, architecture and landscape combined to create a place for the family to come together and enjoy.