Avon Fields


Client:  Private

Contract: TBC

Role:  Architect, RIBA Work Stages 0-7


Studio Spicer Architects was commissioned to redevelop the existing site, located edge conservation area, Stratford Upon Avon.


The site is set within southern part of the medieval centre on the site of Old Town. The proposed two dwellings share innovative designs and contemporary form with modern detailing and spacial arrangements to form a home that suits modern living requirements.

The proposed two dwellings share materiality and form, but with variations in scale and detail, allowing each property its own unique identity.

Cast stone for the base and blue lias stone ground floor walls will enables the dwellings give solidity. Again, choosing a material used in boundary situations rather than an elevational material helps to connect the building with the landscape, however as cast, large format stone, it avoids pastiche and reads as of its own time.

Golden hued metal cladding is proposed for the upper facade layer. The roof/first floor element is clad this way to differentiate it from the base of each dwelling, helping it to read as lighter weight and breaking down the mass. The inspiration for the metal comes from the golden hued limestone used extensively on Holy Trinity church, and also for detail elements of Soli House. The use of a new material also provides a helpful chronology to the area, where the new architecture is readily perceived as being of its time and place.


Planning Granted 2020