Barton, Warwickshire

Client:  Private

Contract:  SFA – Design and Build

Role:  Lead Designer, Architect RIBA, Work Stages A – L


This one-off dwelling was granted planning permission in 2016, with the support of MADE* and the application of the NPPF’s Paragraph 55**.

The house, to be a replacement dwelling for a family of four, is to be constructed in the back garden of the existing family cottage, on the outskirts of a Warwickshire village, overlooking the River Avon.

The new house will sit deep into a rising bank, with a semi-buried entrance storey, providing most of the key functional spaces.  Living accommodation is to be located on the first floor, opening out onto terraced grounds.

The property is surrounded by rolling countryside and set within a rural, farming community.  A modern interpretation of this agricultural aesthetic defines the building’s exterior.  Three burnt larch timber sheds, linked together with glass structures, will sit proud over the landscape.

The lower ground floor will be cut into the hillside, fenestrated in a contrasting design and material, to give the impression of the building carved into is landscape.

The property exterior design will feature specialist Petersen D81 brick***, the colour and laying pattern presenting a contemporary response to the Lias stone vernacular of the village.


Construction is underway and the house due for completion in 2018.



** National Planning Policy Framework:–2 /