The Practice

Studio Spicer Architects provides a full architectural service to residential, commercial and community clients and projects.

Located in the heart of Stratford-upon-Avon, the practice has an innovative approach to resolving project briefs and challenges, often involving a creative re-use of buildings.  This ensures a considered and practical solution to clients’ individual requirements.

Our understanding of architecture and the built environment has been particularly informed by the team’s combined experience, working with existing structures.  Studio Spicer will often repair, alter and remould, enhancing a building and site, according to its physical settings and context.

An appreciation and experience of how the form and mass of buildings influence human environments informs and is central to the team’s approach to crafting and introducing new interventions.

The aim is to improve and enhance where people live, through design and structure.  Studio Spicer’s design and build solutions are as inventive, innovative, enthusiastic and ambitious, as they are considered.

And this service is not restricted to the studio’s bespoke and individual clients.  The Studio Spicer philosophy and expertise has proven commercial viability, also adding value and distinctive quality to more economically scaled projects.


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The Team

Piers Brooks

Architect ARB RIBA

Phillippa Brendon

Office Manager


Elliot Goodall

Architect ARB RIBA


Martin Hulse

 Architectural Visualiser


Oliver Spicer

Founder and Managing Director

Architect ARB RIBA


Stacie Umbers

Innovation Manager

James Campbell

Architect ARB RIBA

Doug Weare

Architect ARB RIBA